Chef Marco Legittimo


Born in Apulia, a region in southern Italy, Marco Legittimo started in the restaurant industry at the age of 14, during his summer holidays.

After several years of experience in the family businesses, he moved to the island of Sardinia where he met Chef Maurizio Bernard from whom he learned the techniques and bases of interpretation and modernization of the traditional Italian dishes.

He then moved to Dubai where he worked in several renowned restaurants, such as Bussola, which was awarded the "Ospitalita Italiana" certificate and where he personally won the "Italian Master Chef of Cuisine" award, by Academia Barilla.

Now responsible for SUD Lisboa Terrazza's kitchen, Chef Marco Legittimo prepares to reinvent the typical Italian flavors, presenting a concept that goes beyond what we are accustomed to. The traditional cuisine in fusion with the flavors and textures of several other Mediterranean countries, brings to your table unique experiences and the true sharing concept of the Italian family.