Chef Angel Reyes


His name is Angel Reyes, a native of Ecuador, and to the South American the roots joins a professional path that has been built all around the world, from England, Spain and Israel, and is now set in the Portuguese capital.

In his international experiences he had the opportunity to work side by side with some of the Chefs he admires and already recognized with Michelin Stars like Martín Berasategui, Paco Pérez, Heston Blummenthal, Jonathan Roshfeld, among others.

Along the way, he had the opportunity to learn and absorb different types of cuisine, techniques and typical products of each region, which until now he has been incorporating into his "fusion" concepts, erudite in taste, texture and presentation.

This vast professional path also translates into a remarkable experience of team coordination, ability to execute and creativity in the preparation of numerous delicacies, capable of surprising the palate of hundreds of people on the same day and in the same space.

Now, in charge of SUD Lisboa Hall's kitchen, he feels that he has found a new challenge, which also marks the beginning of a new cycle in his professional life: that of contributing to the transformation of this venue into the best events venue operating in Portugal.